Emmo Zone Max 84V
Emmo Zone Max 84V
Emmo Zone Max 84V
Emmo Zone Max 84V
Emmo Zone Max 84V

Emmo Zone Max 84V

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  • Sporty Design, Full-Size Electric Motorcycle.

  • 84V battery and Emmo GTS motor. Super Torque, the fastest acceration in the market.

  • Multiple Battery Pack Upgrade Options Available: up to 130 km per charge with lithium battery pack.

  • LED Headlights, Signal Lights, Tail Lights and Backlighted LCD Speedometer: advanced lighting technology for better visibility and lower energy consumption.

  • Dual Disk Front Hydraulic Brake + Rear Hydraulic Brake: the most realiable stopping technolog in the market.

  • Side Kickstand Kill Switch: cut off the power to prevent accidental start.

  • Cruise Control, Emergency Hazard Lights: to cope with all kinds of situations.


  • 84V/20Ah SLA; 84V/50Ah Li; 84V/100Ah Li;

  • 84V 500W Continuously QS Motor

  • Remote Alarm; Remote Start; Steering Lock; Motor Lock

  • 120 kg

  • 30 Degrees

  • Hydraulic Single Disk Brake

  • 110/70-17 Tubeless Tire

  • Optional Saddle Boxes Available

  • 3 - 10 Hours

  • Upgraded Back-Lighted Color Speedometer

  • LED Headlight, Turning Signals, Tail Light and Brake Light

  • 280 kg / 600 lbs

  • 35-45 km (84V20Ah SLA); 85-105 km (84V50Ah Li); 200 km (84V100Ah Li)*‍

  • Hydraulic Dual Disk Brake

  • 110/70-17 Tubeless Tire

  • Yes