About Us

Welcome to Green Street!

Green Street is owned and operated by Verne and Angella Windrem.

For the last 12 plus years, they have been based in the beautiful downtown of Peterborough, Ontario.

Although Green Street specializes in green transportation and eco lifestyles, Verne and Angella both started in very different careers.

For over 25 years Verne worked as an auto mechanic. He often said that electrical work was the most challenging part of the job and that he would NEVER go into sales. But tides change and little did he know that he would eventually become one of the most knowledgeable electric bike mechanics in Ontario as well as selling thousands of bikes. 

Previous to Green Street, Angella enjoyed a career as a holistic esthetician working from her home studio. As an advocate for lifelong learning, she also studied yoga and became a certified yoga teacher. Continuing on this path of lifelong learning she is currently working towards her certification in aromatherapy. Balancing family, career and study has always been her joy, which she continues with the ever-evolving Green Street.

Over the years Green Street has become a trusted resource for electric bikes, pedal bikes, yoga & eco-lifestyles.  Verne and Angella are excited for this next evolution, the expansion of Green Street into the online arena. Here you can expect to find all their carefully curated collections and an ever-growing library of digital resources. All intended to inspire you to move through life in a more beautifully sustainable way 

The genesis of Green Street began as a desire to do something authentic and meaningful. Verne and Angie wanted to create a business and a way of life that could, in some small part, be part of the planet’s happily ever after story. 

Although leaving their other worlds behind felt like a monumental risk at the time, they continue to be grateful for the road they started down all those years ago. This may not have been the path either of them expected but it has truly been a beautiful ride.