Quad - 2 Rider

Quad - 2 Rider

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A unique way to share the ride

2Rider is our unique 4 wheeled cycle. Much more than just a bicycle, it offers the special experience of truly sharing the ride with others.

Great for keeping fit or just having fun with your friends or kids–no matter how you use it, it will change your life for the better. It’s beneficial for both relationships and the environment, and makes the ideal rental bike for holiday areas too!


    • 2 independent drive systems allow rider and passenger to pedal at their own pace
    • 4 wheels independently suspended, low center of gravity, Ackermann steering design
    • 20″ wheels provide a smooth ride on rough ground
    • Adjustable seat position and handlebar height, sized for small kids to full-grown adults
    • Strong front bumper and safety bar for child seats
    • 8 speed derailleur suitable for all kinds of terrain
    • Sunroof/canopy (otional) can be mounted or dismounted with only 2 bolts
    • Can be stood up (without canopy) to save space and for easy storage
    • Sturdy yet lightweight frame weighs 38kg. without bumper, luggage tray, kids seat and and canopy. 60kg. all included
    • Great for senior citizen communities and rehabilitation centers
    • Front kids seats (optional) are easily attached
    • Allows a blind person to enjoy cycling
    • People who cannot balance can now pedal a bike and have the feeling of freedom and for exercise
    • Electric/pedal power hybrid is available
    • Easy to disassemble and transport