Motorino SUR-RON LB X *must be picked up in store*

Motorino SUR-RON LB X *must be picked up in store*

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“Built like a tank, Performs like a Ferrari”

The Sur-Ron is a highly engineered electric dirt bike created by a new generation of Chinese entrepreneur, The "Liu Zhuo", who believes in the importance of quality and design. Made with only the highest quality parts the “Light bee", earned the German Red Dot Award for its design in 2018. Not only is every detail of the bike well thought out, it looks as if a legacy power sports company took part in manufacturing it. Sur-ron spent over a million dollars in tooling to create this bike and this is evident in the design and execution.

Upon visiting their assembly factory in Chongqing we were amazed by the robotic cars moving from section to section and their advanced level of automation. The test stations were equipped with high end dyno machines simulating the performance of the bike in different conditions and a large display was showing detailed results from the motor, transmission, brakes and suspension.

Motorino has been working for over 15 years with electric cycle manufacturers from China but working with the Sur-Ron manufacturers was a brand new experience. Their professionalism, integrity and warm response helped us to successfully complete the testing and certification of their products for the Canadian market.


Drive System

Motor - Air-cooled Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

  •  Motor Rotating Speed - 4500 RPM
  •  Rated Voltage - 60V (DC)
  •  Traveling Wave current 100A
  •  Rated Power / Peak Power – 3.6kW /6kW
  •  Rated Torque / Peak Torque @ 4000rpm– 10.2NM / 37.8NM
  •  Max Torque on stall – 200N/M
  •  Gear Ratio – 1:7.6
  •  Transmission mode – Belt + Chain

Motor Controller

  •  External FOC with dynamic vector control algorithm
  •  BMOS connected and controlled electronic components

Max Speed

  •  77km/h

Power System

Standard Battery Pack

  •  60V 32AH Lithium-Ion with 176 Panasonic 18650 cells removable pack


  •  10A Cast aluminum with external fan

Charging time

  •  2.5 – 3.5 hours

Power System Protection

  •  120A electronic protection, low-voltage cut-out (by controller), Battery protected by BMS

User-removable Battery

  •  Yes

12V Outlet

  •  No

USB Charging Port

  •  Yes

Bluetooth Sound System

  •  No

Hydraulic Disk Brakes

  •  Right Lever - activates Racer type 180 mm rear linked with 1sec delay to the 220mm front disk hydraulic brakes for avoiding jackknifing
  •  Left Lever – activates 180mm rear disk only

Running Gear

Electric Brakes

  •  regenerative, acting on rear wheel (via hub motor), triggered by front or rear brake actuation

Front Absorbers

  •  Dynamic Up-side-down Hydraulic Absorber, lockable with variable pressure regulator

Rear Suspension

  •  Dynamic Absorber With Intersect Tr Suspension System

Front Wheel

  •  Aluminum Alloy Spoke Wheel, Front 19 X 1.4

Front Tire

  •  70/100-19” tubeless motorcycle grade off-road

Rear Wheel

  •  70/100-19” tubeless motorcycle grade off-road

Rear Tire

  •  110/70-17” tubeless motorcycle grade DOT-spec

Body & Chassis

Chassis Material

  •  No. 6061 T4 & T6 Aluminum Alloy

Chassis Process

  •  Method Forged By 6000 Tons Pressure


  •  Banana seat Padded, double place, 76cm (30”) above ground


  •  Classic/LCD bright dashboard displays Current speed, Total mileage, Error codes, Real time output current, Battery State of Charge, trip distance and remaining distance, Ambient temperature and current time.

Safety Equipment

  •  Automatic Light mode estimating the ambient light for the right intensity
  •  Dual rear-view mirrors, horn, dual high/low beam automotive grade LED headlights with running light, front and rear turn signals, tail light, brake light
  •  License plate light
  •  Hazard lights, LED headlight bulb with focusing optic


  •  Keyless start, Built-in vibration sensitive alarm system with two remote controls, steering lock, Electronic lock of the rear wheel


Top Speed

  •  70km/h as per LSM regulations


  • Single Battery
    Eco mode (50 km/h) 80 km
    Sport (77 km/h) 40 km

Climbing Ability

  • Load Incline[%] Degree
    [Kg] [Lbs]
    60 132 70 35 Deg
    75 165 60 31 Deg
    90 198 45 24 Deg
    105 231 35 19 Deg
    120 264 25 14 Deg

Dimensions & Weights

Weight (Including Battery Pack)

  •  55kg (121lb)

Battery Pack Weight

  •  13.5kg (30lb)


  •  126cm (50”)

Minimum Ground distance

  •  27cm

Seat height

  •  74cm (29”)

Overall Length

  •  187cm (74”)

Maximum Payload Capacity, Including Rider(s)

  •  130 kg (287 lb)

Optional Accessories

  •  Extra battery
  •  GPS tracker
  •  Chain lock
  •  Front Fender
  •  Alarmed disk brake lock
  •  Wheel lock
  •  Helmet
  •  Goggles
  •  Heated gloves
  •  Leather gloves