Denim Knee Pillow
Denim Knee Pillow

Denim Knee Pillow

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Our unique Knee Pillows are the perfect cushion for anyone who has a hard time kneeling in yoga. Filled with just the right amount of flax seeds to cradle the knees, distributing your body weight and keeping the patella off the ground.
So light and portable to bring to class. Use them as knee pads, grounding weight, under the hands or under the head to keep a neutral spine while supine. 
If you have discomfort or pain in your knees, try our cute knee pillows and you'll be able to enjoy cat/cow, lunges & camel pose again.


  • 6"wide x 6"long
  • Set of Two
  • filled with organic flax seeds
  • high quality fabric for a long life
  • made in Canada with all natural materials