Brizon StepWing 20 T3

Brizon StepWing 20 T3

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Product Description and Specifications:

*This product is a stepper and exercise bike.

  1. FREE STYLE MOTION:  The T-3 has 3 different ways to be used. 
    1. You can pump one side only.
    2. You can pump left and right sides alternately.
    3. You can pump both sides together.
  2. SAVE TIME:  It’s a highly efficient fitness bike compared with a normal bike. You can burn 33% more calories to save time on training.
  3. CORE MUSCLE TRAINER:  One needs to balance while riding upright so the core muscles will be exerted with every step. It will also exercise the glutes and arm muscles.
  4. GENTLE ON YOUR JOINTS:  Upright riding can eliminate soreness from the waist, neck, seat and back and the pumping action is gentle on the knees and ankles.
  5. CATCH PEOPLE’S EYES:  It will be a real attention grabber.

Take the Gym outside!
The T3 stepper bike comes with Shimano Nexus 3-speed transmission.
Each gear shift changes the ratio by about 35% giving you a choice of easy, moderate, or a high level of resistance.

  • Shimano Nexus inter hub 3-speed
  • 20” wheels
  • Quick release front wheel
  • Foldable stem, easy to store in your trunk
  • Weight: 18kg (40lbs)
  • Front & rear V-Brakes