Motorino XPb *must be picked up in store*

Motorino XPb *must be picked up in store*

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*Please Note: This product is available for purchase online with in-store pick-up only.*

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Description and Specifications:


Motorino XPb is the first scooter of the XP series that comes standard with Lithium Ion battery. The 60V/20AH battery is easily removable for external charge and its weight is only 16.5Lb, almost fife times.

Motorino XMb is also first of the XP scooters that is equipped with state of the art single plug Sine Wave controller making it very easy to maintain. It is the most efficient controller we have ever had reaching  over 90% combined with the motor.

As other XP scooters Motorino XPb is equipped with CCT switch allowing you to select one of the three options with priority in Speed, Torque or Range.

The reduced weight of this scooter and better efficiency allowed us to use slightly smaller motor compared to other XP models and this allowed to increase its range without compromising with its performance. 

Motorino XPb comes in three mat colors – old brick, navy blue and frosty silver.

The 60V CCT drive system provides faster acceleration and better uphill torque without compromising range. The Sine Wave controller further increases its uphill efficiency. 

The 60V removable Lithium battery slides in under the seat and provides 60km driving range, equivalent to our 72V scooters because of better efficiency

The most distinguishing features of the Motorino XPb are its compact size and sleek body.

It has the same power as all other 60V scooters but feels faster when you ride it thanks to its minimalistic design.

It features:

Tubeless DOT approved motorcycle grade tires, 4” wide tires ensuring excellent traction, and

Blue tooth MP3 player / Receiver with hands free cell phone connection

Bright color LED dash indicating speed, range, battery state of charge, light indicators;

Plus running lights, LED head light, brake light, turn signals, mirrors and horn.

Security features of the XPb include a lockable steering wheel and vibration sensitive alarm.

Of course, the small size doesn’t offer lots of storage space but its narrow body is perfect for saddlebags. There is a hook bellow the handlebar that can be used to support shopping bags laying on the foot platform.

The most prominent features of the Motorino XMa are its compact size and skinny body. The short wheelbase helps you to turn on a dime.

If you live in a condo and have no place to charge the XPb outside, you can easily remove the battery and charge it in home or office.

The most distinguished feature, however, is the XPb’s ratio of its power related to its size and weight which makes it the most efficient scooter so far.